Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to set Windows 8 VirtualBox full screen resolution

Thursday, March 08, 2012 Posted by Unknown , , ,
The first step is to shutdown Virtual Box completely.
Start a command prompt as administrator. Click Start menu  and then type cmd in the search programs and files box. The system will come up with cmd.exe. Right click on this and select run as administrator.
Next type the following commands:

Check the virtual machine name which is in my case “win8” and check the resolution you want to set. You can view your resolution by right click your mouse on your windows7 background and select Screen Resolution.
Now start your win8 virtual machine and login and go to the desktop. Right click on the background and select Screen Resolution:

Now you can select the new resolution

And click OK and after that click keep changes within the 15 seconds.
Now set you Virtual machine to full screen and it fits perfect. Use the view menu option or the “ Host – f “ combo which is “ right ctrl + f “ in the default VirtualBox settings.