Saturday, October 18, 2014

OSX Yosemite Calibre with books on NAS

Saturday, October 18, 2014 Posted by Unknown
I want my book library on the NAS and the database on my local disk.

First start calibre and make a regular library on the NAS. (see my other post on how to mount an autofs (auto mounted) shared folder in your OS X home directory).

Now close calibre.

Set the environment variable CALIBRE_OVERRIDE_DATABASE_PATH.

To do this on Yosemite create an applescript script with the following content:

do shell script "launchctl setenv CALIBRE_OVERRIDE_DATABASE_PATH /Users/broersa/Documents/calibre/metadata.db"

change the path to your own local path. Don't forget to add metadata.db

and save this as an application.

Now go to System Preferences - Users & Groups and click on the tab Login Items. Click on the + and add the saved application as a login item.

Now move the file metadata.db from the library path on the NAS to your local directory.

Now log off and log in again to OS X. This will set the environment setting.

Start calibre and it will use the (faster) local database with the book library on the NAS,